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                                  2007 Lean Construction Summit
                     East Lansing, Michigan, USA (16-22 July 2007)

Lean Construction:  A New Paradigm For Managing Capital Projects

  • 16 July 2007:        Lean Construction Industry Workshop - Day 1 
  • 17 July 2007:        Lean Construction Industry Workshop - Day 2
  • 18 -20 July 2007:  15th International Group for Lean Construction
                                         Conference (IGLC15)
  • Welcome to the site of the 2007 Lean Construction Summit, to be held from 16-22 July 2007 in East Lansing, Michigan, USA.  The summit is organized by members of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC).

    IGLC is an independent and self-managing voluntary network of construction researchers, practitioners and academics.   Our goal is to better meet customer demands and dramatically improve the performance of the AEC product development and production management process. The International Group for Lean Construction is developing new principles and methods, specifically tailored to the AEC industry but akin to notions of "lean production" which have proved so successful in manufacturing.

    In this year's summit, we have three main events designed to raise indusrty awareness of Lean Construction as well as present the latest research on innovative theories and practices that reduce waste and increase value in the procurement of building and construction services.

    The content of each event is different:

  • The first day of the Industry Workshop presents the fundamentals of Lean Construction and its application in practice
  • The second day of the Industry Workshop presents a TWI session followed by a Kaizen session
  • The 3-day IGLC15 conference will present recently completed and on-going basic and applied research findings from leading practitioners and academics around the world
  • The 2-day Lean Construction Postgraduate Conference (LCPC) aims at providing graduate students of Lean Construction a friendly venue to present and discuss their work with fellow students and leading researchers/practitioners within the field.

  • We look forward to meeting you in East Lansing!!

    Summit Sponsors
    DPR Construction, INC. (Bronze Sponsor)
    Lean Project Consulting (Bronze Sponsor)
    Barton Malow (IGLC15 Dinner Sponsor)

    Summit Organizers
    Michigan State University, School of Planning, Design and Construction
    Loughborough University, The Department of Civil and Building Engineering

    University of Salford, School of the Built Environment
    University of California, Berkeley, Project Production Systems Laboratory
    International Group for Lean Construction

    Lean Construction Institute

    Local Organizing Committee (Michigan State University)
    Tariq Abdelhamid (General Summit Chair -
    Don Schafer, School of Planning, Design and Construction
    Cathy Morrison, School of Planning, Design and Construction

    International Advisory Board
    Luis F. Alarcon, Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Santiago, Chile
    Glenn Ballard, LCI and University of California, Berkeley, USA
    Sven Bertelsen, Lean Construction-DK
    David K. H. Chua, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Ype Cuperus, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    James Folkestad, Colorado State University, USA
    Carlos T. Formoso, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
    Mike Kagioglou, University of Salford, UK
    Greg A. Howell, LCI, USA
    Lauri Koskela, University of Salford, UK
    Hal Macomber, Lean Project Consulting, Inc., USA
    Marton Marosszeky, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
    Julio Martinez, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
    Colin Milberg, San Diego State University, USA
    Takis Mitropoulos, Arizona State University, USA
    Alan Mossman, Constructing Excellence South West & LCI-UK, UK
    Christine Pasquire, Loughborough University, UK
    Rafael Sacks, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,
    Haifa, Israel
    Sam Salem, University of Cincinnati, USA
    Iris D. Tommelein, University of California, Berkeley, USA
    Cynthia Tsao, University of Cincinnati, USA
    Patricia Tzortzopoulos, University of Salford, UK
    Ken Walsh, San Diego State University, USA